My take on Graphic Design Awards.

Many Graphic Designers and Agencies think the reward of being creative is money or awards—hung high in every firm I've worked with. But everyone knows that money gets spent and awards get dusty, leaving you longing for new approval. My reward is enjoying making the work, learning from it, and reworking it to consider every little detail.

When it comes to Award Winning Competitions, they're mostly interested in choosing well-known clients or firms to help promote the competition (makes sense, right?). Another issue I have with awards is, the agency that accepts the award may now be expected to complete "award-winning" work, regardless of it's value as design. All of a sudden you're stuck in a loop, producing the same crap for willing clients.

I don't have this problem. All my work is unawarded!

I've given up on awards, even before I've received one. The reward of doing something creative is not an award... it's being able to create and feeling proud that I've made something that other people can use and enjoy. It's the Enjoyment of Creating.

(Were you looking for my CV?)

Photo of Sean Grant in his 1st office at Cambrian College, Sudbury.


Here I sit in 2007, Sean Grant R.G.D., surrounded by ideas, books and outdated technology. What this photo doesn't show is how terrified I am that the next years may be plagued by the teachings of "Sean Grant", and how excited I am to help people learn Graphic Design.

Since then, I've taken the lead on the Web Design, Graphic Design Production, Work Placement and recently the Typography components of the Program. Along the way, I've taught Two-Dimensional Design Foundations (the Principles of 2D Design), Digital Illustration, Digital Colour Theory, Visual Communication and many other courses.

Being a full-time professor at Cambrian has put me in a very unique situation:

number 1

It allows me to work with clients that I believe in. Clients that aren't able to pay thousands of dollars for a logo, or tens of thousands for a website, but have something genuine to offer the community. Personally, these client/ designer relationships have been very rewarding.

number 2

The School of Creative Arts and Design Department Faculty are just like me! They're creative people, who practice and love what they do. Some are Printmakers, others are Corporate ID Specialists. The wide-variety of talent and creativity helps extend my skills, experiences and knowledge.

number 3

I meet new people all the time! If creativity comes from experience, than this is certainly a hub of creativity. Every year, approximately 50 students enrol in the program and for the next three years we work together. I can't think of a better position to be in to get to know the next generation of Graphic Designers.

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Sean Grant

950 Bancroft Drive

Sudbury, Ontario


Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario (RGD)

A Professional Member since 2007 and a member of the Exam Board since 2009. I've contributed by writing/ analyzing questions relating to Graphic Design/ Web Technology and Professional Practices, as well as reviewing textbooks for the Design Foundation portion of the Exam. I've also participated in numerous Portfolio Review Days.

Sudbury Design Society (SDS)

As a Founding Member and Past-Secretary of the Sudbury Design Society, I've contributed to the planning and execution of many initiatives, including Lateral Thinkers (2009-2011), and The Good Design Award 2011.